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our apurrroach and furrlosophy


We offer individualized training plans with a less analytical approach. Fewer analytics = more fun, more sustainable, less math for us, and it will make you faster in the long run. This approach has helped us learn and grow the most. We don’t run to obsess over the numbers and try to impress others with speedy Strava segments. Yes, we're still running nerds and enjoy gushing over quantitative data, BUT we realize it's not nearly as important as most people think for long term growth and fitness gains. What we’re saying is, GPS watches are cool, but so is the ole' Timex.


Approximately 100% percent of our athletes work full time jobs and/or have families so we're trying to keep things fun and flexible. After all, having fun and finding joy in this sport is why we started in the first place, right? Low and behold, it's what actually motivates us the most and keeps us training consistently.

But it's not always rainbows and unicorns and fluffy kitties. Inevitably there will be low points, injuries, and days you can't get out the door. AND that's ok!  We get that life is hard, and we do not want to overcomplicate things or make it even harder. But, we'll be here for you through the ups and downs. That’s the reality of training and we are trying to reach a point where we find joy in that process as a whole, through the good and the bad.

Yes, we want to get fast, hit those PRs, beat people (and cats), maybe get sponsors, maybe WHATEVER, but ultimately those results are dust in the wind. Sure, those things are fun. But, making awesome memories is what really improves the quality of our lives. Through exploring your limits and taking on new adventures to create those memories – that is what lights the fire in our hearts. That's the compass that guides us. And surprisingly, -or not- it's what makes us get fast, hit PRs and beat people tehehe.

the coaches

the coaches
About Clint.jpg

Clint Anders

(The trail junkie that can't stop signing up for ultras)


Before becoming the #1 Cat Dad, Clint was a middle distance specialist, running 3:52 in the 1500m and 1:54 in the 800m. Now, in ultra terms, he's still a middle distance specialist. Clint is a 2:20 marathoner that likes to to unleash his speed on the trails.

Clint's loves it when his athletes set crazy goals and then accomplish things they never thought possible just a year later.


Sophie Anders

(The other trail junkie who also likes to indulge in road races) 
Coach Soph has a good understanding of how life stress can affect performance and likes helping her athletes navigate those difficult times to become even stronger runners.
1500m 4:24
5k 17:17
Half 1:17
-Runner-up finishes at Never Summer 60k & Quad Rock 25
-2022 Horsetooth Half Marathon Runner-up



(The fluffy angel that sleeps A LOT)


Leroy stole our hearts with with his fluff chunks and spunky personality. He's a master at zooming up stairs and he's determined to catch the red dot one day. 

Coach Leroy loves when runners give him ear rubs and treaties. 

Our Story

Our story

If you haven't figured it out yet, our cat Leroy brought on the inspiration for the name Cat Dad Coaching. We're just crazy cat people. That's it. End of story...


Jokes :)


Before the 2018 Houston Marathon we made some custom running singlets with Leroy's face on it. We simply thought it was a fun idea and nice reminder to not take ourselves too serious. It ended up being a crowd favorite with soooo many cat calls and meows directed at us. The icing on the cake was that our bibs even said #1 Cat Mom and #1 Cat Dad. 

We still wear the Cat Mom and Cat Dad singlets to race. Still as a reminder to have fun and not be too serious, and also because it's a great conversation starter at the start lines. Eventually, the local athletes we coached came up with the name Cat Dad Coaching. It stuck simply because it's fun to say, and because it lets us get away with sharing more cat pics.

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